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Child Care Providers
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Course Schedule for
July 1999 through January 2000

As of 27 June 1999

California Child Care Health and Safety Training

This course provides training as required by AB 243, the California Child Care Law (requiring at least one staff person to be present in the child care setting who has 15 hours of CPR, first aid, and health and safety training).  Module 1 includes training in infant and child CPR plus pediatric first aid.  Module 2 includes training in injury prevention, preventing infectious disease, management of diabetes and other health and safety issues.  Successful completion of Module 1 earns two American Red Cross certifications: Infant and Child CPR (valid 1 year), and Child Care First Aid (valid 3 years).  Successful completion of Module 2 earns one American Red Cross certification: Child Care Health and Safety Units (valid indefinitely).
Length: Module 1 is 8 hours, Module 2 is 7 hours.  Fee: Module 1, $50.00.  Module 2, $35.00 plus $6.00 State of California Certification fee. ($91.00 total)


Module 1 - Salinas Office
July 10 Sat. 9:am-5:30pm
July 31 Sat. 9:am-5:30pm
Aug. 7 Sat. 9:am-5:30pm
Oct. 2 Sat. 9:am-5:30pm
Nov. 13 Sat. 9:am-5:30pm
Jan. 8 Sat. 9:am-5:30pm


Module 1 - Monterey Office
Aug. 21 Sat. 9:am-5:30pm
Sept. 18 Sat. 9:am-5:30pm
Oct. 16 Sat. 9:am-5:30pm
Nov. 20 Sat. 9:am-5:30pm
Dec. 11 Sat. 9:am-5:30pm
Jan. 15 Sat. 9:am-5:30pm


Module 2
July 21,22 Wed & Thurs. 6:pm-10:00pm
Aug. 21 Sat. 9:am-5:30pm
Oct. 23 Sat. 9:am-5:30pm
Dec. 9,15 Thurs.& Wed 6:pm-10:00pm


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