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A Time for Thanksgiving-  Special Recognition for Outstanding Donors

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The need is NOW to help fire victims!

Frequently asked Questions about Donating to the Red Cross

A Time for Thanksgiving – Special Recognition for 

Outstanding Donors

Cathy Chatham, Director of Financial Development


Each year we give special recognition to selected donors for their outstanding philanthropic support of work of the American Red Cross. It is an honor and privilege to list these distinguished award recipients from the past three years:

2002 Major Donor Awards:

Pepsi Cola

We are deeply grateful for the many years of their in-kind contributions. Their products, from water to colas, have

 allowed us to serve disaster victims, firefighters, emergency workers, and Red Cross volunteers with endless

 gallons of life saving fluids.

Dr. Nina Sisley

This individual was awarded the individual donor award for consistently responding to our requests, many times

 during the course of a year - year after year! When people are in need and counting on the Red Cross, the Red

 Cross can always count on Dr. Sisley. 

John G. & Maria Stella Kenedy Memorial Foundation

For a lead gift to sponsor our annual "Ride the King Ranch" Charity Bike Tour, we give them special thanks for

 their interest and involvement in helping us raise thousands of dollars in this annual special event fund-raiser.

United Way of the Coastal Bend

Our association with the United Way spans many decades of their support to help us "be there" for our

 communities - in all lines of services and programs. They truly are an organization that demonstrates the way the coastal bend cares.

Texas Treasure Casino Cruises

After 9-11, many thousands of supporters throughout the coastal bend stepped forward to make a difference. The

 initiative of the folks at Texas Treasure, through their unique fundraising appeal, garnered more than $17,000 for

  local chapter use.

2001 Major Donor Awards:

Valero Refining Company

Valero made a lead gift that helped fund our annual Hurricane Awareness program. More than 50 Red Cross

 volunteers educated our communities on disaster preparedness. Working in front of retail stores throughout our 13 county jurisdiction, almost 20,000 citizens received brochures on how to plan, prepare and evacuate.

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd W. Chapman, Jr.

They have consistently responded to our requests for more than decade. We honor them as the recipient of the 2001 individual major gift award. We can be assured that when people are in need and counting on the Red Cross, the Chapman's will lend a hand.

2000 Major Donor Awards:

Koch Petroleum Group, L.P. (Flint Hill Resources)

Long recognized as a premier leader in promoting workplace safety and improvement of quality of life in its community, we take great pleasure in honoring Koch Petroleum Group, L.P. Through a generous seed grant from Koch of $4,800, the Coastal Bend-Texas Chapter established the Automated External Defibrillator training program, making it possible to offer the workplace community this vital, life saving training.

General Motors

In the aftermath of Hurricane Bret, General Motors South Central Region promised a $500 discount off the purchase price of any new vehicle in the counties effected by Hurricane Bret. For every new vehicle financed with GMAC in the 15 counties hardest hit by Bret, $100 was set aside to create a Disaster Relief Program, which generated a total of $65,400. A portion of those revenues was awarded to the Coastal Bend-Texas Chapter to continue its charge of meeting needs in the communities it serves – recruiting and training volunteers to respond to local needs and emergencies, and educating people in our community on how to prepare, prevent and respond to disasters when they occur. We extend our heart felt thanks to General Motors for its contribution of $30,000 to our local chapter.

Whataburger, Inc.

We thank Whataburger for the $10,000.00 lead gift to our Rally 2000 membership campaign. We are very grateful to our friends at Whataburger for believing in us and for kicking off our campaign with this very generous donation. The Red Cross relies on the business sector for its support and partnership and believes Whataburger and its employees exemplify community leadership and involvement. Whataburger’s outstanding contribution translates its caring into immediate action for each person in our community who relies on the critical services people have come to depend on from the American Red Cross volunteers.


There are many businesses in the Coastal Bend that make it a goal to give something back to the people in their communities. The Red Cross is proud to be able to say that we have close relationships with many of these businesses and that they support the work we do, and most importantly, they support our volunteers for the work they do.

Each year at our annual meeting, we not only conduct the annual business of the chapter, but also recognize the many individuals and groups that make the humanitarian work of the Red Cross possible. To help us do that, we rely on the monetary support of our business friends. We take this opportunity to give special thanks to our annual meeting sponsors for the past two years.

June 20, 2002 – 86th Annual Meeting:

Citgo Refining

Corpus Christi Bank & Trust

S.S.P.- Circle K.

We would also like to thank Tidelands, Oil & Gas for sponsoring the Policemen's table, and Fraternal Order of Police for sponsoring the Firemen's table. Because of their support, the Red Cross is able to honor our dedicated volunteers and local "Everyday Hero's".

June 28, 2001 – 85th Annual Meeting:

AEP - Central Power and Light.

American Bank

Corpus Christi Bank & Trust

Your Will Won't Work When...

By Cathy Chatham, Financial Development Director

It's Out-of-Date.

How old is your will? Have you reviewed it in the last three years? If not, chances are it could use some attention. A number of personal factors can affect your will: things like changes in income, employment, family size or marital status. External factors such as new federal or state laws can also require the revision of your will. Have any of the following things occurred in the last few years?

  • New business venture

  • Move to another state

  • Children less dependent

  • Death in family

  • Serious illness in family

  • Marriage or divorce

  • Birth of child

  • Executor can't serve

  • Trustee can't serve

  • Desire to change guardian

  • More grandchildren

  • Change in giving interests

  • Job promotion

  • Purchase of life insurance

  • New out-of-state property

  • Purchase of home

  • More property in joint names

  • Major change in finances

It's Legally Invalid.

Your will can contain all the information you think you want, and not be worth the paper it's written on. This is more likely to be true if your will is old, or if you tried to cut corners by using generic forms from a stationery store. A will can be invalid if it is unsigned or witnessed improperly.

There's just no substitute for having a competent attorney involved. In the short run, it may cost you a bit more, but it will certainly provide greater peace of mind.

It Conflicts With Other Plans.

Your will should be coordinated with your other estate transfer documents. For example, insurance proceeds and brokerage accounts pass outside the will to the named beneficiaries. Pension funds are also distributed outside the will. A will that truly works well will take all of these other assets into consideration.

It Fails to Fulfill Your Desires.

Your will should accomplish exactly what you want. Do you want your children to receive their inheritance all at once, or at various intervals? Do you want your charitable gifts to be used for unrestricted purposes, or do you want to earmark the funds to meet specific needs? Do you want to give the American Red Cross a percentage of your estate, or a set amount?

Perhaps you didn't know all the options when you signed your will. Later, you discovered other ways to make your bequests. You may feel dissatisfied with your will. It may work as a legal document, but fail to work well as the expression of your true desires.

Is it time to redo your will? If so, we urge you to make an appointment with your attorney as soon as possible. You should be satisfied and confident about your estate plan.

Please click here for a coupon to complete and mail in, to let us know of your interest.


The need is now to help local fire victims!

By Cathy Chatham, Director of Financial Development

If there was ever a time to help our neighbors by supporting the Coastal Bend-Texas Chapter of the American Red Cross, this is it!

Your Red Cross volunteers are trained to help victims solve the multitude of problems brought on by disasters, and to assist them in locating additional services. With vouchers received from the Red Cross, people support local businesses by paying for what they so desperately need, including:

  • groceries, new clothing, shoes

  • essential household furnishings

  • housing basic building and repair materials

  • emergency medical supplies, occupational supplies

After these emergency needs are met, Red Cross workers remain on the job as long as necessary, helping victims move toward long-term recovery.

You can play a vital role in this comprehensive Red Cross approach to disaster relief and recovery. Your generous donation will help aid families who are victims of fires and other disasters, in their time of need. For example:

  • $100 will buy one week’s worth of food for a family of four.

  • a $64 donation buys new clothing for a child who has lost almost everything.

  • $20 can provide an infant with formula or baby food for a week.

All Red Cross assistance to disaster victims is free, made possible by people like you. The American Red Cross is not a government agency. Right now, the people relying upon the services of the American Red Cross to get them through this recent onslaught of fires ultimately are relying upon you – your compassion, generosity, and trust in your Red Cross to get the job done, and done well.

Please give all you can so that we can continue to do our best to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Please call 887-9991 or (800) 656-9991 for information on how you can help.

Remember, the next disaster could happen to you or

someone you know.